Work From Home Stuffing Envelopes

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Growing up , I remember reading a article in Popular Science magazine about a “Job Offer” ad in the classifieds, offering that anyone for a minimal fee could work from home stuffing envelopes, and make good money doing it.

So, I sent away for the “Free” information on stuffing envelopes at home, and received a letter back with “information on how to start”. I promptly threw the letter in the trash after reading they wanted $29.95 for information on how to get started. I was pretty upset that the supposedly free information seemed like a scam , and never went back to look at it for many years.

Recently though, I’ve had many people ask me about whether you can really work from home stuffing envelopes. So , I set out a small journey on finding what the deal with this gimmick was, and whether you really could make money doing it , or if it was utter BS.

Since I’ve been involved in various programs, systems and methods of making money at home, and home job sourcing , I have plenty of contacts to find out the real deal on stuff like this, so I contacted my network of friends.

What I heard from one person was what I heard from all of them concerning envelope stuffing – It’s a scam , don’t spend your money.

While I’m not one to ever think that something is a outright scam , I decided I would go further into things and see really what was going on.

In short, you pay a person $29.95 to send you a packet of information on how to get “paid stuffing envelopes”. This involves you taking out ads in the newspaper, placing more ads on ‘get paid to stuff envelopes’. You then go on and ask people to send you a further $29.95 to get information on how they can do it themselves. This in itself is a pretty straightforward “pyramid scheme”. I have also found others who were asking for much less in return , maybe a quarter , or only a dollar.

So , in the end , I can’t say it’s a scam , but you’ve need to ask yourself whether you’re one to purposely convince other people that they can work from home by stuffing envelopes and then to give you some of their money as well.

I’m sorry to disappoint anyone, I know if I could make $20 a hour from home doing something this simple, I’d be the first to sign up , but it’s just not that easy.

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