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I want to prove a point to you – With the internet ,you can be ANYONE  or ANYTHING you want to be.

So , having said that , I want to be the world’s richest man, and since I decided I would become the world’s richest man , my personal income has increased by over TEN TIMES.

See , when I started out in November of 2008 I was pretty much flat broke, with very little money coming in and a baby on the way. I’ve always wanted to do something with my life, so I decided I would not only “Shoot For The Stars” but I would shoot for another solar system – Why try to become a millionaire, a million dollars isn’t that much , I might as well go for a billion.

A few short months after that (4 to be exact) I found myself making more money every month than I did the previous year, and it’s been absolutely great. I don’t have to worry about anything any more, I can pay off my entire mortgage should I want to , I don’t live paycheck to paycheck like all my friends and family do and the last vehicle I bought I went and paid 100% cash for.

So,  if YOU want to learn how to make some cash all from the comfort of your own home , whether it be a few hundred bucks a week for that big screen TV, or want to be the next internet millionaire, PLEASE sign up to my newsletter, RSS feed & follow me on twitter. I’m not gonna try and sell you anything here, but unless I can teach you what I’m doing, you’ll never know what you’re missing.


  • Brian Peters says:

    I want to learn how to be rich. I have already started with doing short sales but I want to do more. Can you show me how?

  • karlmarx says:

    so what is the secret behind the fortune you amass?

  • Dominc says:


    My name is Dominic Fernandez, and I came across your contact information while reading through The ShoeMoney Blog. I don’t know your opinion of his advice, but I think his advice is very insightful and obviously very profitable if applied to the right opportunity.

    Finding the right opportunity however is something Jeremy does not dwell on too much, and does not mention (with good reason) most of the current opportunities he is working on.

    In an effort to find a great opportunity to earn money with I have sourced the list of all Websites owned by Shoemoney (3400+ Domains). I need to raise a little extra funds to complete the transaction and hence I will be making a few copies of this data available for sale. I obviously do not want too many copies of this Data to get out and hence will be limiting the sale to only a select few people.

    If you are interested in this Data, let me know and we can discuss the matter further.

    Thank you,



    Why would I want shoemoey’s list?

  • hello sir
    my name is olatunji dahunsi i am from nigeria and i was born in jan 13th 1988,,i am a male from nigeria but i came from poor family background and i need your financil assistance ,even i have my nigeria passport ready in case you may want to fly me out of this country here is email add and my mobile number olatunjidahunsi@yahoo.com +2348066080298 would be expecting your repply sir

    And I bet all you need is my social security number & mother’s maiden name?

  • jime says:

    hey i like 2 know more bout this and how to get startd on this job is look like it can take me from what i am 2 better living i work full time and my income is not really doing me any good if u get back @ me b nice of you thanks and have good weekend there .

  • Moeti Mere says:

    Hi!body my nameis Nicolas,I have 20 years old,I am from Kuruman in the village called Seoding,
    actually!I`ll like you to give me the tips on how to get rich veryfast.

  • vennela says:

    thank you for giving inspiration to develop self and the near & dear.


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